I am a current Bristol-based freelance dancer, choreographer, dance teacher as well as artistic director and co-founder of AllouAqui Dance Theatre. 


My dance journey started as a little boy, watching my mother boogying around the house, leading me to Balleteatro in Porto, Portugal where I trained in physical theatre for three years. I have a varying range of training from both Portugal and the UK including my first-class Dance BA (Hons) degree from Bath Spa University where I am now an associate lecturer for both the Dance and Acting degree. I also received the Bath Spa Alumni Award in 2017 as one of the top five students at the university. 


I have plenty of experience in leading, making and collaborating within the dance world, receiving five star reviews for my dance theatre performances of Milan’s Game in 2019 and Final Test in 2017 - performances that were created by AllouAqui Dance Theatre company, of which I am an artistic director, choreographer and performer. 


I also have experience in directing movement and performing within theatre. I have worked across this platform with a variety of artists, which has allowed me to mould my practice, merging the two languages together.

Find my performance page here.


As well as a Bristol-based dance artist and language teacher, I also have the pleasure of being able to work in the field of media. Within my media experience, lies videography, photography​ and website designing, from concepts to final edits. 


During my time studying Dance at university, whilst completing a digital performance module, I quickly became autonomous in filming and editing my own work and assisting others. It soon became clear that I have a keen eye for detail, strong sense for sequencing and high standards for final edits, beginning my professional work as a videographer.


My journey in photography began with just a mere account on Tumblr many years ago, that transformed into a full-time desire to capture motion, context and emotion within an image.


Website designing came about as a need for business promotion of my company, AllouAqui Dance Theatre, when starting out. Since then ​I have also designed and built other websites from scratch including this website.

Find my media page here.

A few years ago, not long after graduating 

from University, I started to work as a choreographer/movement director for a theatre company who was working on their touring Spanish/English bilingual educational show, with a follow up drama workshop. This sparked my interest in teaching and became the beginning of my journey in education. A few months later I found myself fully immersed in education, teaching a rage of dance styles at schools and universities in both the UK and Portugal, where I was born and lived for 19 years.

At this moment of my life I was at the point where I had the desire to expand my skills by sharing my native language knowledge - teaching Portuguese. I am now a freelance Portuguese language teacher. I am based in Bristol and have brilliant students with a broad range of abilities and goals. 


I also work in translation, for both English and Portuguese in a range of text-based formats. 

Find my language teaching page here.