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Drone and operator available for all types of promotional material: videos, films, events or portfolio building.


This showreel is a collection of drone footage filmed in 4K. Make sure you get the best video experience by selecting the highest quality available on your device for each video.

White Feather

  • The Drone shoots in ultra-high resolution, so you can relive your most magical moments over and over again. It has an integrated camera that offers stunning 4K HDR videos with 100Mbps bitrate and sharp 21MP photos. 

  • Stunning angles thanks to its unique 180° tilt gimbal and up to 2.8X lossless zoom.

  • The stabilisation system ensures ultra-smooth videos and steady photos by reducing vibrations and the aliasing effect. 

  • The 4K Cinema provides professional quality videos as it uses the 17:9 video format. 

  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions.

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