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Milan's Game - a contemporary dance-theatre duet which follows a couple's absurd, yet comically whimsical game of role play; exploring and satirising the paradoxes of love and the quirks of romantic relationships.


On-stage movement and theatricality merge into a world that lands somewhere in between the real and surreal, whilst the tragicomic characters unmask their feelings and challenge the notion of the ideal lover.


“A masterpiece of pure pleasure”

TheatreLab | Bath Fringe 2019

"The most comprehensively entertaining, eyeball-tickling physical theatre of the Fringe"

Mumble Theatre | Edinburgh Fringe 2019

“There has rarely been quite so much humour in a dance piece”

Bath Echo | Bath Fringe 2019

"Danced with vigor, flair & high artistry"

Mumble Theatre | Edinburgh Fringe 2019

“Dance Theatre has never been so thoroughly entertaining”

TheatreLab | Bath Fringe 2019

"Their off-kilter duets capture the arrhythmias of sharing your space and your body with another person"

Bryn Davies | The Place, London

“Milan’s Game’s two quirky characters made me laugh out loud, wince and squirm as well as recognise some past partners! The choreography is fantastically original and subtlety suggests all sorts of feelings, scenarios and fantasies. Loved it!”

Fleur Hoefkens | Bath Spa University, Bath

"Between these quick shifts from high fantasy to domestic disenchantment, Milan’s Game finds some moments that are levelling, grounding and lovely"

Bryn Davies | The Place, London


Online Screening. Jun 2021

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Aug 2019

The Place, London. Jan 2019

Bath Fringe Festival. Jun 2019

Salisbury Art Centre. Apr 2019​

Bath Spa University. Feb 2018

Circomedia, Bristol. Nov 2017

Photos by Nigel Adams, Kerri Fitzsimons and Samuel De La Torre.

For more information about the company, such as current and previous projects, performance dates, workshops and more, follow:

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