Associate Lecturer and Dance Theatre Practitioner for the BA Hons Dance degree as well as the BA Hons Acting degree.

My work at the University (Bath, England) ranges in Creative Modules, Performance Projects and other workshops from 2017 to present.



Since 2019, I have regularly been invited to work with YAMA (Bath, England), a dance company of adults aged over 55, teaching technique classes and creative sessions.




Invited physical theatre artist, since 2018, both as a solo practitioner and as Artistic Director of AllouAqui Dance Theatre Company.

My time with Balleteatro (Porto, Portugal) ranges from week-long physical theatre intensives to masterclasses with the first, second, and third-year students, as part of their professional dance training. 




My regular adult classes have ranged from Contemporary to Hip-Hop, teaching in dance schools, companies, and other dance groups, in Bath and Bristol, England since 2018, including:

Beats Dance 

Mendip Dance

Dance Activate 

YAMA Company 

AE Dance 

Emily Baker Dance

University of Bristol




From 2018, my regular youth classes have ranged from Contemporary to Street Dance and Theatre Skills across primary and secondary school ages through dance schools and companies, in Bath and Bristol, England including:

Be U Dance Company

Beats Dance

St. Philips Primary School

Emily Baker Dance​

Curtain Up


Funk It Up Dance

AK15 Arts Fusion



"Fabulous class - a real antidote to life's challenges" 

Adult Contemporary dancer

"I feel honored to be in such safe, capable, and creative hands." 

Yama Company dancer

"AllouAqui Dance Theatre Company had so much to share! High in energy and consistent in pushing the students more and more in each session. All the knowledge they shared with us was very different from what we had done so far."

Bath Spa University student 

"Different essential dance theatre skills were explored. Their dynamics were incredible and AllouAqui will always be an inspiration. Besides having learned new things, I had a lot of fun in the class."

Balleteatro student

"It has been a pleasure as always to have your energy and enthusiasm to keep us going." 

Yama Company dancer

"AllouAqui taught me how theatre and dance can be so related and connected.

They pushed me to be imaginative and create without fear and be confident with my 'weirder' self and different ideas."

Bath Spa University student 

"Love this class - always go in tired and stressy and come out energised and happy!" 

Adult Contemporary dancer

"The opportunity to have a company workshop was undoubtedly incredible. It was very interesting and enriching to get to know their work. They are very enthusiastic which created such a great atmosphere and willingness to push forward!"

Balleteatro student

"We have just had our watching week with Xavi. So good to be able to see what they have been working. He is an excellent teacher with such patience and enthusiasm." 

Happy mum after watching her little one