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A Film by
Xavier De Santos

YAMA Dance Company

Original Music by
Ry J

Performed by
Sue Kuhn
Fran Landsman
Niamh Ferguson
Natasha Smith
Annie Menter
Jo Hofman
Felicity Bowers
Shelley Latham
Liz Lee
Jude Crook
Sonia Ryan
Carolyn Csonka
Annie Beardsley
Lorraine Gillick
Liz Coleman
Hannah Whitworth

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Reminiscing memories and stories of our days playing out in the streets and alleyways which are now no longer the norm, WONDERLANE is a nostalgic recollection of the curious and adventurous playgrounds of past freedoms. A dance film inspired by a collective of photographers who captured the streets of Britain fifty or more years ago, and the lost art of playing outside.

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